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AstroLogical is a multi-instrumentalist hiphop/trip-hop producer from Vancouver B.C. With a love and knowledge for late 60′s and 70′s psychedelic music, he crafts sonic delicacies with detailed drum programming, obscure samples and keyboard wizardry. The lush, atmospheric, moody, groove-based tracks are fused with that good ol' hip-hop bounce. Influenced by such producers as Flako, DJ Shadow, Chief, Luke Vibert, and Moka Only, he resides in his west side Vancouver home making jazzy atmospheric beats and gigging with several local bands. Currently signed to Jellyfish Recordings, he also produces and emcees for his throwback golden age hip-hop crew Elekwent Folk ( and has worked with a myriad number of artists including Panther, Noah Becker, Ra Focus, Ishkan, Headspace, Claire Mortifee, Dave Ryan, Ashleigh Eymann, Nicholas, Axiom, KAi, and more...

ASTROLOGICAL 'LIVING FOSSILS' LP (2010) free for download right here:

AstroLogical - StereoTypes feat. Claire Mortifee

Jenova 7 - Rat's Theme

Jenova 7 - Last Kiss, First Goodbye

AstroLogical - Sundrips feat.Yellow Lunar Human

AstroLogical - moon units ft. Noah Becker

AstroLogical - Deep End

AstroLogical - Tidewalk

AstroLogical - Thick Soul

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