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Click here to editWhen drawing from the right pool of inspiration, sometimes the right mixture of sounds can come together and make something new. Possibly something hard to put a one name on. Today people like to jump on the next genre bandwagon, and intentionally make music that fits one genre. SuperVision is not about one sound. Instead it is about many sounds brought together with an approach that delivers a stylistic sound design that isn't classified with one or two words. It is a sound that you can count on evolving without departing from what makes it unique.
The sounds created and played by SuperVision are the works of Richard Blake Hansen. With a dj career spanning over 12 years and 1000+ gigs, his place in the music industry has been found. Within a couple of years of djing he was cutting his teeth in music production. He moved to Fort Collins Colorado in 2002 and met Derek Smith and Michal Meneret. After studying production and learning from the best, he then later he went to audio engineering school. He has enjoyed sharing the stage with such well known acts as Pretty Lights, Michal Menert, DJ AM, Jazzy Jeff, Public Enemy, DJ Craze, DJ Skribble, Steve Aoki, Tommie Sunshine, Quest Love, Classixx, La Riots, Villains, RJD2, Ghostland Observatory, Wish FM, DJ Spider, Dj Fashen, Samantha Ronson.. to name a few. Now SuperVision has arrived text

(HQ) SuperVision - Time Has Written [Telescopic]

(HQ) SuperVision - Who Am I (Co-Prod. by Michal Menert)

SuperVision - Super Like Vision

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